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    Docu Update for jboss 2.4.9

    osterkamp Newbie

      > I quote from the jboss.org/docs page, 12-month
      > subscription section:
      > "...you get access to ALL our documentation ALL the
      > time"
      > This sounds like a great deal until you find out that
      > "ALL" really means "only the 4 cheapest ($10) books,
      > but not the $30 JMX book". $40 not $70.

      JB4 is on the verizon and all the docs that go with it... Soo, right now seems like a great time to go with the 12 monther - 3.x now and 4 down the line. And for the people concerned about no JMX book, there is an entire chapter (78 pages) dedicated to it in the "JBoss Administration and Development 2nd Ed." book.

      Just my 2C..