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    LDAPLoginModule example in Paid Docs

    Alan Newbie

      I am confused by the left side of the directory tree on page 282 in the paid Admin/Dev docs.

      The documentation states that the node is identified as cn=JBossSX Tests, ou=Roles, o=jboss.org. I cannot get the LDAPLoginModule to recognize entries defined this way.

      Also, since there can only be one uid in this node how can you define the roles for other users? You cannot have multiple cn=JBossSX Tests nodes for obvious reasons.


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          I've been looking at this as well. I haven't tested it yet, but looking at other (weblogic) LDAP modules, they have a one role->many users layout, whereas the JBoss example has one user->many roles (notice userid=jduke with two Roles underneath).

          This is kind of confusing, I admit, but that's the way they wanna do things. It may be easier algorithmically to parse this (for isUserInRole()) than the other way.