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    How good is the paid documentation?

    perroinmaui Newbie

      I want to buy the paid documentation but I am afraid to end up with something like the Getting Started Documentation, basically a pdf with not much in it.
      Is that what the docs are like? or can I expect some detailed documents explaining the server in detail. (configuration, examples, managment, etc)

      I really appreciate your help


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          Dan Greening Newbie

          The paid documentation is moderately complete. Complete enough that I've been able to use JBoss, even though I'm a relative J2EE neophyte.

          That said, I will say that the paid documentation (at least the 3.0.5 documentation) is very non-introductory. It isn't organized gently or top-down or even with a road-map. In other words, it really isn't well organized. They take you straight into the JMX microkernel, JNDI naming, and transactions and work their way UP.

          This is the way developers (the people who wrote it) think, but it isn't the way newbies learn. Think about it: what newbie is going to write something to JMX straight off the bat?

          But ultimately, I think you have to buy the books to efficiently get up to speed on JBoss. And of course, this is the JBoss business model. We give it to you for free, but to understand it you must pay! :) Seriously, that's OK with me. The books are a lot cheaper than Weblogic.

          Dan Greening

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            perroinmaui Newbie

            Hi, Thanks for your reply.
            When you say books you mean the documentation online, or actual books. If you are talking about real books which ones should I buy?


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              samart Newbie

              I can onlu compare it to weblogic docs. its not as wide in scope and it does not teach you J2EE. having said that, if you know J2EE, then they go in depth and when you understand what they are talikng about, you really understand the server. Its worth the $100 for the subscription. i bought it after figuring alot of stuff myself, and i wish i had bought it before i spent so much time in the forums, on google, etc.

              I dont see how you can truly know Jboss unless you get the docs, unless ALL you are doing is learning Jboss. Chances are, you've got work already, and dont need to spend hours figuring out how to do something.