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    DnD javascript error includes "DnD disabled. Check please!"

    Kyle Sands Newbie

      Hi... Every once in a while, i get a java script error box with the following message.

      "drag: Element with [_id22:_id27:_id89:headingsList:5:headingPanel] ID was not found in the DOM tree. Probably element has no client ID or client ID hasn't been written. DnD's disabled. Check please!".

      It's very intermittent. The page is set up with a left side and a right side where stuff on the right is dragged into the left. the right side changes via ajax depending on what you are doing. When the error happens, the right side has a "type ahead" search box on it so as you type, in the case, a list of draggable headings changes. When you find the one you want, you drag it to the left side. The error box will display as you are typing in the search box and the results are updating. It usually works just fine. We are using 3.2.1.SP1.

      If any one has any info on this one, it would be greatly appreciated.