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    HTTPS broken for doc purchase?

    Anderson Vitous Newbie

      Maybe I'm stupidly missing something, but I see nothing in the credit card data page, upon selecting 'Secure HTTPS/SSL' link, indicating SSL is even being used. I won't supply cc data without it, and on examining the JS source for the content frame, I also see nothing indicating the POST will happen thru SSL. Anybody else notice this?

      Am I not 'seeing it', or is something broken here? I'd really like to purchase docs, but need a little more confidence in the transaction security...


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          Anderson Vitous Newbie

          Uh... duh... page properties for content frame for secure cc data entry reveals it is in fact an SSL session, and 'Authorize' button resolves to a page relative to that document.

          A more visually 'friendly' indicator would have been nice (shown by the browser, not a statement on the page; I tried IE6 and Opera 7, and BTW form isn't rendered properly by the latter.) And yes, this is a ComponentSource problem, not Jboss, except perhaps in their choice of the former...