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    Comprehensive doc subscription?

    stephen Newbie

      I purchased the comprehensive doc subscription, but i didn't see the Java Management extension JMX documentation in the bundle. I thought, by purchasing this subscription, i will get all the documentations!!!

      What's happened???

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          Corby Page Newbie

          The JMX Book is not part of the Subscription documentation bundle.

          I agree that the doco page is very misleading as written:

          Instead of buying the books individually, we recommend this advantageous and convenient subscription model. For about $99/year you get access to ALL our documentation ALL the time. Regardless of the number of books coming out and the number of revisions coming out.

          What follows is a list of books, including the JMX book. The doc subscription is a terrific value, but I can understand people feeling deceived when the JMX Book isn't in there.

          On the positive side, Chapter 2 of the Admin-Development guide is very thorough, and contains about all of the information you will need to use JMX with JBoss.

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            stephen Newbie

            Yeah, i think they should change the description. Anyway, if the Admin-Development docu can provide equivalent guide to develop mbean for JBoss, then it's fine. This is still the ultimate goal.