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    Possible cashing issues with RichFaces/ajax4jsf

    Peter J Newbie

      I'm having an issue with richFaces/ajax4jsf cashing or redisplaying invalid form values.

      I have a form that is wrapped in an a4j:page with multiple input values tied to entity beans. The entity beans are annotated with validation annotations like @Length, etc.

      If the form is submitted containing an error that is caught by the validation framework the user is able to fix the error and resubmit the form which appears to save successfully. Sometime the form refreshes and the invalid data that was initially submitted is displayed in the form.

      I have also seen instances where this incorrect data is displayed on the same form for a different project. I can also, by hitting the refresh button in the browser, toggle old and new data in the form, which makes me think that the old data is getting cashed somewhere in the framework (this happens both in IE and FF).

      Does anyone have any ideas of how to resolve this problem?