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      "Rudi Vankeirsbilck" wrote:
      "Rudi Vankeirsbilck" wrote:
      Hi there,

      I am getting quite desparate here! I (think I) am doing things as described in the jbossbook_321.zip but I cannot get a session bean to publish anything on a Topic.

      My first attempt was a stateless container managed session bean (not an example in the docs sadly) without transacted TopicSessions (auto-acknowledge). Works fine but, the message contains information about entity beans that have not been created yet because the out transaction is not commited yet. No can do.

      Second attempt was to use the same container managed session bean, this time with transacted TopicSessions. This time I was releasing precious resources like TopicConnection and TopicSession before returning from the method (see javadoc for TopicConnection#close() and TopicSession#close()) the published message were actually rolled back.
      Result, the messages did not get published on the topic. No can do.

      Third attempt was to use a bean managed session bean, setup a UserTranssaction and transacted TopicSessions. Everything goes well except that the MDB does not pick up the messages. It's like nothing gets published on the topic at all because when I run a JUnit test case that publishes a dummy message on the same topic, the MDB starts working immediately.

      Any help would be appreciated, including rtfm if you supply a page reference because I think I almost read the entire manual by now.

      Maybe this post should not go into this forum but hey nobody else is listening on the MQ forum.