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    The documentation is pathetic

    pergesu Newbie

      Come on guys, what's going on? JBoss is some kick-ass software, and I'm so very grateful that it's free. But what's up with the documentation? First off there's the awful delivery system, with CS requiring that Windows-only download manager, when you know full well that the majority of your users are using some unix system. There's the fact that it's missing information on numerous topics, and updates are never made (last update I got was back in September 2003).

      I don't expect a reply to this from anyone here who can make a difference, because it's clear from other posts that you just ignore users. I have to say, though, that it really pisses me off. I love JBoss, it's a great product, and I don't mind paying to support it. But I'd prefer to just donate 50 bucks to the project, rather than pay 100 for documentation that fails to deliver on its promise. I've wanted to attend some of the seminars for a long time, but how can I be confident that your staff won't treat us users like shit there too?

      Keep up the good work on JBoss and its subprojects. Hire some kind of customer service staff, because your programmers obviously (nor should they be expected to) do the job.