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    Informatons about JBoss

    timkk Newbie

      Hi all,
      I will write my diploma thesis about the migration from Bea WebLogic to JBoss.
      Therefore I need a lot of informations about Jboss.
      I want to describe the migration process and all things you have to do.
      What you have to change (descriptors) and other things.
      I will compare Bea WebLogic vers. 6.1 with JBoss but I can't get any architecture-informations from Bea.
      I also need a cost comparison, which means that I will make a comparison about all cost you have got by using Bea or JBoss. JBoss is OS but if you will use it in commercial use, you need proffessional support, like from the JBoss Inc. (JBoss Group).
      Where can I get this informations? (Perhaps somebody from the JBoss Group can give some special informations?).