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    a wishlist

    Jim Stoll Newbie


      I work for a multi-billion dollar contractor and you know the way they got to be that way was to cut cost where appropiate. This is the BIG reason we are considering jboss/jdevloper as an optium mix for our, at present, mix of JRUN 4 and jbuilder 6.

      The only thing stopping us the high cost of educating our people in the zen of jboss/jdeveloper.

      Anybody know of a tutorial available for JBOSS 3.2.3 and JDeveloper 10G?

      in case there isn't .... BIG HINT to the guys over at JBOSS... there is a gold mine of opportunity awaiting the guy who comes out with a tutorial using the open source best of breed products such as JBOSS and the best of breed dbms such as oracle. think about it...

      thanks in advance for your insight,

      JIm Stoll