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    What Did I Buy

    Chris Russell Newbie

      I bought the 99$ comprehensive documentation.
      I have received 2 downloads from component source, One in feb one in March.
      The only mention of version occurs in the JBossBook307 and it 3.0.7.
      When is the documentation for 3.2.x going to appear?
      what is the 10-30$ 3.2 book and why wouldnt it be included in my "COMPREHENSIVE" documentation?
      In my opinion, jboss has completely scrambled the documentation issue.
      I'm a paying customer and I cant seem to get any help or clue as to what I really purchased!
      This is no way to run your profit center.

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          Glenn Farrow Newbie

          I have a similar issue. We bought the $99 subscription on the promise that the documentation would be updated monthly and that we would receive notice when updates were available. I bought back in June, it is now nearly October, and no documentation updates have been forthcoming. And I have checked several times.

          What kind of a scam are you running with your "documentation subscription" JBoss.org? I've sent you guys several emails regarding this and never even received a reply. I could have bought the 3.2? admin PDF for $10 and had exactly the same amount of documentation that I have received through your "subscription".

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            Glenn Farrow Newbie

            Below is what JBoss.org claims regarding their documentation subscription. Note that there have been NO updates in the last 4 months.

            ############## JBoss.org claims ####################
            This subscription is an extension of the individual documentation offerings that give you 12 months of unlimited updates to the content.

            The subscription features include the following:

            * All JBoss documentation is included in a consistent look and feel. Each doc is a printable PDF file with full bookmarks. You must use Acrobat 5+ on Win32 platforms and Acrobat 4+ on Linux to view and print the PDF documents correctly.
            * 12 months of unlimited updates with email notifications when the content is updated. The content will be updated monthly. Not every item is guaranteed to be updated every month, but the latest document versions will be made available.
            * New content such as detailed howtos will be added as it becomes available. Examples of such content includes using log4j to page administrators, writing an SRP based security provider, running multiple JBoss instances on the same host, etc.
            * A quarterly newsletter on JBoss and the JBoss group will be part of the subscription.
            * Detailed change notes on JBoss releases