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    Where are the error logs???

    Abraham Sultan Newbie

      Hi I have an application that prints exceptions to System.err. Usually app servers will record all this in an error log but I can't seem to find where they are in JBoss.

      I know the messages are not being printed to the console and I checked the logs folders and could not find any log file that showed the errors.

      Can someone please direct me where I can find these logs or at least tell me where this info is being printed???



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          Ric Moore Newbie

          Maybe you have adjusted JBOSS' log file destinations? Or the log level? On my JBOSS 4.0.0, if I issue a 'System.err.println("XXX")' call the output shows up in the console. Whether I'm running the server in debug (using MyEclipse) mode, or standalone from the command prompt, the console output from (for example)

           cName = new String( MAPPED_DRIVE + COURSE_DEF_TEMP_LOCATION ) ;
           System.err.println( cName ) ;

          looks like this

          11:49:51,313 INFO [STDOUT] G:/intrain/temp/coursedata_