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    For pay docs

    Bruno Melloni Newbie

      I have a couple of questions about for-pay documentation.

      1) Does buying the paper book give you access to PDF versions and more importantly - updates?

      2) If yes, and I buy book for 4.0 version, would the documentation updates be available for all of the 4.x releases or only for a year?

      3) How frequently is the for-pay documentation updated? Does it keep pace with changes to the server?

      I am obviously considering buying the for-pay docs for 4.x, but I don't want to waste my money on something that will be obsolete within months. As an example, I noticed a change in classloader behavior after 3.2.3 that made some features no longer work by 3.2.6, but the free documentation did not get updated. So I am stuck at 3.2.3 and unable to upgrade. Annoying as hell.

      If I buy the 4.0 docs, I would expect to be able to get current and accurate documentation updates when a later 4.x version make changes that require me to change my configuration. Is this how things work with jBoss, or is it just wishful thinking and not worth spending the money?