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    Managing Software Agents in J2EE Application Servers

    Jaran Nilsen Newbie

      Dear JBoss community.

      This spring we wrote our Bachelor thesis at AUC (Grimstad, Norway) on the topic "Managing Software Agents in J2EE
      Application Servers".

      We have mainly been focusing on JADE, BlueJADE and JBoss. We hope that our report can help shed some new light on an area of
      software agent development and management which it seems has been hibernating for some time now. We see the combination of
      an agent platform and an enterprise application server as something which could be beneficial for many companies working with
      autonomous or semi-autonomous software processes.

      The final report is available from this address: http://www.jaranweb.com/cv/bachelorthesis/hprd-001-report-final.pdf

      Additional informations and documents are available from our project homepage: http://agents.jaranweb.com/project

      We hope that our work can be of use to others in this community.

      Any feedback on the report, or any of the other documents, should be sent to both jaran[dot]nilsen[at]jaranweb[dot]com and

      Jaran Nilsen and Anders Nygaard.

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