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    EAR that has SAR, EJB.jar, common.jar and WAR

    Michael K Newbie


      I'm looking for example or any info about
      how to create EAR that includes
      common classes for EJB, SAR and WAR as common.jar

      how to tell SAR to use that common.jar is located in EAR


      I put common.jar in MANIFEST.MF Class-Path is located inside my.sar META-INF

      also jboss-app.xml in my.ear specify my.sar to be loaded/deployed

      but, my.sar('s) mbean doesn't see classes that are located in common.jar any way.

      Another thing is that EAR shielded mbean in my.sar from outside EAR
      that mbean in specified in monitoring-service.xml
      How to allow to access from outside of EAR to inside mbeans?

      Looks like that is very specific to JBoss 4.0.0

      Thanks for any info.