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    deploying aop and spring beans

    Markus Ydkvist Newbie

      I've been strugling for two days now, and I find no way of making this work:

      A simple web-app with spring-beans. So far, all fine. Ok, so I want to add some advices to some of my spring-beans. Trouble. Ok, I could use spring-aop, but I really want to use Jboss-aop, wich I find much more competent.

      What really puzzles me it the classloading stuff. In all tutorials of jboss-aop, it says that I could basically drop a xxx-aop.xml in my deploy. (after enabling load-time-weaving in AspectManager). After that I deploy my war. That really doesn't do it for me...

      So I build an ear, with:

      . . |
      /META-INF/lib/3pp.jar //spring, log4j etc
      /mypackage/myClass.class //my own stuff, incl. my aspects,servlets
      . . |
      /META-INF/web.xml & jboss.xml
      /META-INF/lib/3pp.jar //spring, log4j etc
      /mypackage/myClass.class //my own stuff, incl. my aspects,servlets

      so I realize I have duplicated my 3pp's and own stuff. But really, I've tried all combinations of this, and I just can't seem to make it work in all cases, and it seems to me that either no weaving takes place, or if it does, I get in trouble when 3pp's are loaded: javassist.NotFound

      Does Spring have its own classloading mechanisms that conflicts with jboss-aop?

      Anyone that could point out a good resource for reading exactly how to package complex builds, how to use the manifest:class-path etc??


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          Markus Ydkvist Newbie

          Ok, no replies so far, but I managed to work my way around it.

          Like always, some time in the docs, plus double that amout of time of trial&error usually solves these kind of troubles... ;-)

          I now deploy all 3pp's separately as jars, and can now see them in the UnfiedRepository3 mbean. (That particular bean is very helpful in these cases).

          enable loadtime weaving (turned on verbose)
          spring.jar, x.jar ... -> deploy
          myApp.aop -> deploy (aspects classes and META-INF/jboss-aop.xml)
          myApp.war -> deploy (servlet, views, spring beans & spring xml)

          when I first visit my jsp's I get A LOT of loadtime info from the aop-enabled classloader.
          Then it works, my spring beans are intercepted by JBoss aop framework.