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    Karim Nasser Newbie

      I know it is bit weird to ask a question about licensing of a commercial application in the forums of an open source product like JBoss :)

      We are creating a J2EE application that will be sold to customers bundled with JBoss as default J2EE application server, the application is not free, the license requirements are like this:

      - Hardware based: e.g. MAC address of the NIC.
      - Licenses should be issued per server (in a cluster)
      - Licenses should have maximum number of connected clients, we will have rich clients running as Webstart application and connected to JBoss via remote EJB interfaces.
      - Licenses should have validity period (or expiration date)

      1- the server will be running continuously (hopefully :)), which means I cannot only check for the license in the start of the application but also periodically.
      2- How to control the number of connected clients? I think this is not a JEE standard, does JBoss supply any API for this?
      3- How to Check for Hardware properties Mac address inside JBoss (and in Java in general) an idea is to run ifconfig/ipconfig and capture the output?

      Any help or suggestions about this are high appreciated