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    Jboss + Hibernate

    Ernst Koetsier Newbie


      We are developping a system using Jboss 4.0.2 and hibernate 3.0.5. And I found that the documentation from JBoss was quit limiting on how to use and configure Hibernate properly. To use Hibernate as an MBean I found 2 options. You either deploy the mapping files with a jboss-service.xml in a SAR or you the mapping files with hibernate-service.xml in a HAR. Of you use the HAR option the configuration you can use for hibernate is quit limated for example I could not find a way to configure the TransactionStrategy in the Jboss cosole I saw that with the HAR it seems to use JTA, I found in the documentation that using tha HAR option with hibernate-service.xml is basicaly the same as tha SAR with jboss-service.xml. When using the SAR option with jboss-service.xml the configuration of the TransactionStrategy is no problem.

      Any way in both cases using JTA and begining and ending the transactions programmaticly it seems as if there is only one transaction wich is commited when the EJB (session bean) is "stops".

      My question is is there any way using Session Beans to really programmaticly and a transaction? And is there anymore documentation on this?