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    Does JBoss support he APP-INF/lib directory?

    Michael Parmeley Newbie

      I am trying to determine if JBoss supports using jars from the APP-INF/lib directory in an ear file. I know this directory is something BEA added into Weblogic and isn't in the spec (unless it has been added within the last year or so), just curious if JBoss supports it

      The class loading page of the Wiki is ambiguous:


      The relevant part is this:

      The isolated EAR or WAR repository will load its libraries in this order:

      1. APP-INF/lib (for EARs) and WEB-INF/lib (for WARs) *Is APP-INF/lib applicable to JBoss? Is that not a weblogic-only construct?

      You will notice it says it searches APP-INF/lib but then someone added a comment asking if it is applicable to JBoss...sort of makes the doc ambigious.