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    deployment on several ports

    Haim Sabag Newbie

      I am trying to deploy serveral web applications , where each of them should be available on different port.
      e.g. : the "Web" application should be avalibale on port 8080 http://localhost:8080/Web, and the "Web2" application should be avalibale on port 8081 http://localhost:8081/Web2.
      As I understand - I can not create serveral instances of the tomcat (JbossWeb class) (or can I?)
      I tried using virtual hosts that will be defined in differnt "service" sections in the tomcat configuration file and then direct each web application to the correct virtual host - but JbossWeb ignores the other "service"s.
      One other idea I had is to direct a "host" of an "Engine" to a "connector" or a "connector" to serve a "host" - unfortunately, I don't know if it is possible (if it is - please let me know how)