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    Functionality of TxInterceptorCMT and its rationale and argu

    Risto Luukkanen Newbie


      When I run my pojo-java code in Jboss and there happens a sql-exception, it is


      that intercepts and catches the exception and throws it out of the container as a RemoteException.

      To my surprise I have no chance to catch the sql-exception in my own try - catch block, in contrast to the situation when I run precisely the same java-code without a container. My Jboss version is jboss-4.0.3SP1

      Vaguely I conclude or guess that some jta- or j2ee-specification makes the use of a TxInceptorCMT obligatory in container. Am I at all right? If so, which specification?

      What to read?

      Google is my friend, but so far I have failed to find what to read concerning TxInterceptorCMT. The massive JbossAdminGuide (The JBoss 4 Application Server Guide JBoss AS 4.0.3) seems to be rather sparse on this topic. I would appreciate advice and guidance at this point. Is there some book which would explain in detail the use of interceptors in general or TxInterceptoCMT specifically?

      I thank in advance.