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    How can I can give the same privilege to Jboss same as IIS o

    Faisal Adallah Newbie

      Curently I am hosting my web site on lean mean winxp using external dns service and have been happy till I purchased a dedicated server win 2008 standard edi. I thought it would be the same as win xp since I won't need local DNS service or Damian controller.

      When IIS is running i could get access to my server remotely using port 80, but not in the case of Jboss. I disabled win firewall and tested my web site locally on localhost and 80 port

      That means Jboss or any other server doesn't have the privilege of IIS which is typical of Microsoft. Has anobody managed to host his web site on windows 2008?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Let me see if I understand your question correctly. You changed the HTTP port for JBoss AS from 8080 to 80, and this ran fine on XP, but when you try the same thing on Server 2008 it does not work. Is my understanding correct?

          Did you use TCPView or netstat to see if port 80 is opened by the java.exe process?

          I assume that you ran JBoss AS with the -b option.

          What version of JBoss AS and JVM?

          (By the way, I am glad you are no longer hosting the web site on XP - having more than 10 concurrent connections on XP violates the license agreement.)