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    Maximum Hardware Requirement for Jboss v- 4.0.3

    Karthikeyan Shanmugam Newbie

      Hi All,

      Currently in our production enviorment , we are using Jboss version 4.0.3 with 4 Jboss instances.

      We are planning to upgrade the existing hardware ( dual core , 4 G.B RAM) to the following

      Option A : Quad Core with 32 G.B ram


      Option B : mutliple CPU with 32 G.B ram

      Before we proceed to upgrade the hadware I just want to know how much maximum the Jboss version 4.0.3 can utilize.

      Because there is no point in spending so much of money on upgrading the hardware if the Jboss is utilizing them.

      Hence can anyone let me know what is the maximum hardware configuration for Jboss version 4.0.3.

      Also please let me know which of the following Options , multe core or multi CPU best suit the Jboss version 4.0.3

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          Peter Johnson Master

          The limits are not with JBoss AS but rather with the JVM. If you run a 32-bit JVM you cannot make the heap larger than about 1.7GB (Windows) or 2.7GB (Linux). Wit ha 64-bit JVM you can get larger heaps, but larger heaps are not always practical - a major GC can take a long time.

          Some multi-core chips tend to share L2 cache between the cores (on my Intel quad core, I have two L2 caches, each shared by two cores), in which case you have fewer issues cache invalidation among the threads. But multi-core chips also tend to not have a memory bus per core - often a pair of cores shares the memory bus. But this is all dependent on whether you are looking at Intel or AMD chips, each is different. The best thing to do is benchmark your app with both sets of hardware. If that is not possible, go with the hardware that gives you the most on-chip cache.