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    external directory location for JSP page (virtual-directory-

    Margot Media Newbie

      Is there a way to serve JSP content from outside the war file (without using symbolic links). In weblogic I can use virtual-directory-mapping to map jsp directory.

      In jboss, I can use Context, but it only works for static files .

      JSP forward does not work.

      For example, I have added this line on the server.xml file
      ( )

      I can access the jsp page directly http://localhost:8080/context/en-US/home.jsp it works, but when I try to access it through a servlet (controller)
      http://localhost:8080/context/home.htm I get an error

      The requested resource (/context/en-US/home.jsp) is not available.

      Any idea on how to fix this.