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    suggestionBox in recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor

    Sunny Anand Newbie

      I am trying to create a tree on a modal panel where each node of a tree will have an inputText supported by a suggestionBox and some other controls. Currently, I am trying to implement just the inputText with the suggestionBox. The suggestionBox pops up at the absolute (0,0) location and not under the inputText. If I reopen the modal panel, the suggestionBox opens in the correct location. I went through the suggestionbox.js and found that the offsetParent is null when the popup is at 0,0. Here is the snippet that I am using.

      <rich:modalPanel id="_mpnl" resizeable="false" width="600" height="300">

      <f:facet name="header">
      <h:outputText id="_mpnlTitle" value="#{bean.title}" />

      <f:facet name="controls">
      <h:form id="_hideMpnl">
      <a4j:commandLink id="_lnkDone" value="Done" onclick="Richfaces.hideModalPanel('_mpnl')"/>

      <a4j:form id="_form">

      <a4j:outputPanel id="_mpnlWrapper" layout="block" style="width:600px;height:250px;overflow:auto;clear:both;position:relative;">

      <rich:tree switchType="ajax">
      <rich:recursiveTreeNodesAdaptor roots="#{bean.roots}" var="item" nodes="#{item.subGroups}">

      <t:inputText id="input" value="#{item.val}"/>

      <rich:suggestionbox id="_suggestMatchingFields"
      nothingLabel="No Fields Found"

      <a4j:ajaxListener type="org.ajax4jsf.ajax.ForceRender"/>

      <h:outputText value="#{fieldName}"/>

      <a4j:support event="onselect" action="">
      <t:updateActionListener value="#{fieldName}" property="#{item.val}"/>




      I will greatly appreciate any help with this.