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    deployMethodPointcut Bug

    nate Newbie

      Great work guys on AOP. I have been using AspectJ for awhile and I thought that was the way to go, but I quickly tired of having to work with recompilation steps to integrate an aspect. I am a total convert to your implementation.

      I am using the current code in CVS and I am pretty sure this is a bug in AspectXMLLoaders deployMethodPointcut:

      String group = pointcut.getAttribute("group");
      if (group != null && group.trim().equals(""))
      group = null;

      String attr = pointcut.getAttribute("attr");
      if (attr != null && group.trim().equals(""))
      attr = null;

      the second group.trim().equals("") should be attr.trim().equals(""), because currently my method pointcuts generate null pointer exceptions, since group is set to null and then invoked with a trim().