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    java.lang.StackOverflowError when Interceptor is in intercep

    Peter Goetz Newbie

      Hello out there!

      I have started with AOP, and I started with AOP on JBoss. So far I really like it!
      But there is one problem: I defined my classes (including the Interceptor) in one package. I want to do the logging for every method in every class of my package. I think that I have to exclude the Interceptor from this, because it comes to en endless loop.
      But I didn't find any resources how to set a filter for classes in the jboss-aop.xml.
      Can anybody point me to the solution?
      And, by the way, is there any more documentation for AOP on JBoss, except the article at ONJava.com and the docu on the jboss website? I would like to read more about the possibilities of AOP with the JBoss framework.

      Thank you all very much for your help!!