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    Management Model Visualisation : Managing Interceptors

    Jeremy Pitten Newbie

      Marcf noticed my website :


      - it concerns itself with 3d Visualisation of the jsr77 management model. Marc said he would like to see the visualisation technology used to demonstrate the management of Interceptors in jb4 so I put together a simple demo applet showing how logging interceptors could be applied and managed.

      Marc asked me to post the demo here to try and progress the idea of it.

      The demo applet can be found here:


      ... and here is a snapshot :


      It demonstrates how a set of logging interceptor pointcuts can be attached/detached to/from any ejb exposed via the j2ee management model.

      The pointcuts can be attached via the 3d scene or the tree hierarchy. The ejb popup menus indicate which pointcuts can be attached/detached to/from it.

      I've used a simple acupuncture pin metaphor for the interceptors as you will see. As with the ejbs, you can interact with the interceptor via either the 3d scene or the tree hierarchy. So logging could be started/stopped via the interceptor popup menu. Right-click the interceptor pin-head to get the menus.

      A few things don't make complete sense and the property panels are only dummies but you should be able to get a feel things as it is.

      Any comments?