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    rendered seems to be ignored...

    Tony Herstell Master


      <rich:dataTable id="resourceAddedTable" var="eachResource" value="#{bookingResources}" rendered="#{bookingController.hasResources()}">

      Once I have one in the list and refresh the page manually then I can see the next ones ok.

      I have this for adding things to the list... which imho should mean that the dataTable is kicked into an update.

      <a4j:commandButton styleClass="general_form_button" id="addResidentTrainer" value="#{messages.resource_resident_trainer}"
       reRender="resourceAddedTable, resourceAdditionAttemptMessages" />

      I can remove using
      <a4j:commandButton styleClass="general_form_button"
       value="#{messages.general_button_remove}" type="submit" reRender="resourceAddedTable">

      but again when it gets donw to the last one it does not fire and update.

      What am I missing...

      I shouldnt even have this: rendered="#{bookingController.hasResources()}">
      but this doesn't work at all:
      rendered="#{not empty bookingResources}"