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    AspectJ and JBOSS 3.2.3

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      My client would not like our application to use a non-compiled version of AOP. IMHO that this seems reasonable as the client wants to avoid risks seen with non-compiled code.

      As a test I wrote an Aspect trace module and tested it. It works fine in a standalone Java app.

      I have been able to set up an Ant file that does the compile and incorporates AspectJ into a JBOS ejb-jar. However, when I run it, the aspect does not factor in.

      I have put the AspectJrt.jar file into the JBOSS server lib directory. Do I need to install this as part of a service? What are the issues? Is there any experience on the team?



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          Two things that come to mind.

          1. The aspectjrt.jar file must be on your classpath. Unfortunately my experience with JBoss is limited to none, so aside from this comment, I can't help.

          2. As far as weaving in jar files is concerned, AspectJ has some special command-line syntax. -injars <jarfile> will weave inside the specified jarfile.

          Sorry if this isn't any help :)