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    Example metadata doesn't work

    kado0002 Newbie

      I've got a question to the metadata example in the new JBoss 1.0 Beta Version.
      First I use the AnnotationCompiler to create metadata-aop.xml File. After that I compile all java Files (javac *.java) after that I use the jboss Compiler: java org.jboss.aop.standalone.Compiler *.class -verbose -aoppath
      metadata-aop.xml. The jboss-aop.xml File is in the META-INF directory.
      I think it compiled correctly.
      After the Compilation I run the program but I get only the following output:

      -- new Pojo(); --
      empty constructor
      -- new Pojo(int); --
      int constructor
      -- pojo.someMethod(); --
      -- pojo.field = 55; --

      I used JDK1.4_03 and JDK1.5Beta compile and run the program, but it doesn't work. What make I wrong?