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    AOP on JBoss 3.2

    rkadayam Newbie

      Any idea on when JBoss 4.0 would be officially released?

      If not anytime soon , then is there a mechanism to make the aop stuff work in 3.2 ? It might be asking a little too much. I just went ahead and gave it a shot by adding the required jars to the classpath. Pretty stupid thing to do, quite honestly but desperation will push you to do almost anything :-)

      I guess have to "port" the aop code or something if its even possible.


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          Bill Burke Master

          JBoss AOP should work with 3.2, the problem is, I think the jboss-common.jar may have a few classes that 3.2 doesn't. Sorry I didn't get this working for the beta release. I ran out of time. If you figure it out yourself and post, I'll do the changes, or just give you CVS access to do it yourself.


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            Jean Deruelle Newbie

            Hi all,

            Has this problem been fixed yet ?

            Does the only problem there is some classes missing or is it deeper than that ?

            IMHO, AOP should work standalone and be jboss version independent. I know that the project staff should be pretty busy with various things but is it planned and if so, when?

            Thx and keep up the good work, you are doing a great job !


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              Bill Burke Master

              FYI, JBoss AOP can run standalone outside of app server.

              But, if you are running within JBoss Application Server, it cannot be independent. Why you ask? The problem is hot-deployment and how it iteracts with class transformation. I don't want to get into details, just please accept my explanation as is.

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                Jean Deruelle Newbie

                Just wanted to use AOP in jboss-3.2.6 to intercept calls to InitialContext().bind for classes located in a specific directory... do u think there is a workaround to allow one to do that in jboss-3.2.6 ?

                Best Regards