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    JBoss AOP and EJB development

    wengatz_n Newbie


      I have a beginner question to JBoss AOP. I Would like to know if I could and should use JBoss AOP to add some aspects to my Enterprise JAVA Beans?

      Normally if I develop EJBs I use some kind of plugin (like Lomboz) and at deploy time the applicatiom server creates the EJBHome and EJBObject implementation classes. Can I use JBoss AOP to modify the generated classes or how can I add aspects to my EJBs.

      I Know that there is a way to add some aspects (like logging) to the application server (I read the article from Markus Voelter in the Java Spektrum), but can I use JBoss AOP to add some aspects to specific EJBs.

      Where can I find an example and/or some documentation?

      Thank you very much to clarify!

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          Bill Burke Master

          If you're using the JBoss application server to deploy your EJBs, JBoss has, since 3.2 version, interceptor technology that is very "aspect-oriented".

          JBoss-AOP can also be used with EJBs within JBOss or any other application server. If you are running outside of JBoss you have to do precompilation and set the appropriate System property variables to point to the JBoss AOP XMl config files. See the tutorial/WIKI for more details. Get back to me here if you're still having trouble.