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    kado0002 Newbie

      I' ve testet the AOP Framework standalone for my Master Thesis. I've converted some Gof Patterns like (Observer, Bridge...) into JBoss AOP. Now I want to built a little J2EE Applikation with AOP Support.

      I've got a general question !
      You wrote in your JBoss Aspect Oriented Programming Overview:

      "The Aspect-Oritented Programming architecture of JBoss 4.0 enables it to provide a wide range of services, including object persistence, caching, replication, acidity, remoteness, transactions and security. The framework allows developers to write plain Java objects and apply these enterprise-type services later on in the development cycle -- without changing a line of Java code."

      And now my Question: How is persistence realized? I can't see an AOP service who realize this.
      Or what is the idea to do this?

      I've understand your Overview (see above) that I can write a normal Java Class. With AOP Remoting I can access the Object by a Client (or AOP remoting makes this possible). But what is with persistence? Must I always write Entity Beans? I guess not, because you wrote I can write plain Java Objects (see above).

      I hope someone can clear me up ( or help me)!

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          Bill Burke Master

          First things first. If you've converted some GOF patterns to JBoss AOP, would you be interested in

          a) Porting any reusable pieces to JBoss AOP so others can take advantage?

          b) Expanding JBoss AOP examples/tutorial to talk about GOF patterns?

          c) Linking your research paper to our Wiki?

          Adrian Brock has already done Observable. It would be AWESOME if you could add more to our examples and would really help out the JBoss AOP project.

          Please contact me no matter what: bill@jboss.org


          As far as persistence, We use Hibernate for our POJO persistence.