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    Get Gravel work

    Carsten Rudat Novice

      Hi all,

      I'm sorry for posting here - but, I'm really not sure, where to go...

      I'd like to do a FileUpload with Gravel (ga:inputFile) but I cannot get Gravel work:

      - I use JBoss 4.2.1.GA with build in JSF-RI (1.2)
      - I added gravel.jar to my web-project (WEB-INF/lib) or/and in JBoss-JSF-Libs-folder.
      - I add xmlns:gd="http://gravel.jboss.org/jsf/1.0/data" to my jsp
      - I added *.tld's in WEB-INF-folder

      -> I get an error, that JSF cannot load Tag-Class "null" (look into tld-files and there are only empty <tag-class/>-Tag.

      If I do not add the *.tld's, the jsp renders but without an upload-component.

      Could anyone tell me what to do? Do I have to write X-Tag-files for Gravel?

      Please help.