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    Another issue...

    Eduardo Yáñez Parareda Newbie

      Hi again,

      Although I have other issues with jboss-aop, I'm trying to achieve other tests.
      I've precompiled some classes and all is right, but when I execute them there is
      no effect with my interceptions. I got not result.

      This is my test:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      Interceptor implementation:

      public class MethodAuthorizationInterceptor implements Interceptor {
      private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger("es.test.aop");

      public String getName() {
      return getClass().getName();

      public Object invoke(Invocation invocation) throws Throwable {
      MethodInvocation mInvocation = (MethodInvocation) invocation;
      String method = mInvocation.getMethod().getName();
      LOG.info("Interceptado el metodo - " + method);
      return invocation.invokeNext();

      When a class of es.test.support.commands is executed, I've nothing at log.
      There's no error when I run aopc. Have I missed some system property?

      My environment is:

      Tomcat 5.0.24, J2SDK 1.4.2_04, JBossAOP-1.0beta3