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    AOP Security+AOP Remoting

    kado0002 Newbie

      I use AOP Security Service and it works. But when I use AOP Remoting with the security service I got a lot of problems.
      Always when I want to execute a secured method of an object, which is called by the remote proxy object I get an Authentication exception.


      <annotation tag="security" class="de.fhzw.portal.util.classes.UserSession">

      class UserSession:
      public class UserSession{
       public String getUserName(String principal)
       return getUserReader().getUserName(principal);

      Clientcode to get a remote Object:
      UserSession user = (UserSession)

      A User Session Object is created in a MBean- method on the Server. This method registers the UserSession object by the Dispatcher too.
      when the method is called I get an Authentication Exception!
      But when I execute the method in a MBean on the Server on the orginal object the example runs!

      What's my fault?