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    Multiple pointcut expressions and advice bindings for same s

    rkadayam Newbie

      Can I have pointcut expressions that identify a single method and some that are very generic covering range of methods, bind them differently and expect that all of the bindings would take effect in some order. I'd think it might be logical to process the "generic" pointcut bindings and then the very expressive ones after.

      For example, I would like to instrument a session bean that maybe has the following methods


      I would like to have an aop xml (the syntax may not be on the dot) that looks like

      So the idea being that if any of the methods are called "global_stack" is invoked. If method1 is invoked, then both global_stack and Interceptor1 are processed. Have'nt experimented this yet but curious if anyone has tried it before? The whole idea being that you don't have to duplicate the global_stack reference in every advice binding