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    AOPMonitoring + JSR-77

    Clebert Rezende Suconic Newbie

      Last week, through jboss-profiler forum, we had an idea of monitoring AOP over JSR-77.

      I already started to write some capturing, and I'm now looking at monitoring package. I'll write an AOPStat as an extension to JSR-77.

      I already have a small controller that generates method-statistics in a online-realtime basis for any AOP class. This will be checked in into jboss-profiler module by tomorrow night. (I need to finish some stuff before commit the code).

      Any ideas, thoughs, desire to help? Anyone doing anything similar?

      BTW: I already have an interceptor that capture messages into binary files. You can process those binary files into jboss-profiler and extract the graph of callings between classes.