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    One Last Try

    ryano Newbie

      When I set EnableTransformer to true in the jboss/server/default/conf/jboss-service.xml config file and restart the server I get loads of stack traces. I'm using RC1. Should this feature work? I've tried patching the Aspect jars using AOP beta 3 and beta 4, no luck.

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          Bill Burke Master

          Short answer Try:

          $ run -c all

          Long answer:
          It is not really a problem, let me explain:

          If you get a clean download of JBoss Application Server and set EnableTransformer to true, you will see those stack traces. Why?

          When you set EnableTransformer to true, it will try and transform every single loaded class in Jboss. This means Jboss classes.

          Unfortunately, with the "default" configuration, a bunch of JBoss classes reference classes that are not within the "default" configuration. i.e. jboss cache and webservices. AOP will not be able to transform these files because it cannot resolve all the classes a particular transformed class is transforming.

          Does running with "all" configuration solve your problem?


          P.s. apologies....I actually looked at this problem the first time you posted but forgot to reply!

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            ryano Newbie


            "Bill Burke" wrote:
            Short answer Try:
            P.s. apologies....I actually looked at this problem the first time you posted but forgot to reply!

            No problem, thanks for the response. I tried running with "run -c all" and it does eliminate the stack traces on startup. Unfortunately, it also seems to lock up the server. When I copy archives to the deploy directory I get no output on the server console showing deployment messages like I usually do. I guess a bottom line question would be, does the injboss example that is part of the CVS head actually deploy and run on RC1 (with enable transform set to true)? If so I should be able to get it going.

            Thanks again for the info, I'll keep trying.

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              Kabir Khan Master

              The build deployed to the server/default/deploy directory, while running JBoss w/ the 'all' config polls the server/all/deploy directory :-)

              I've modified the build.xml and documentation for this example to use the 'all' configuration, and made switching between configs easier.