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    panelBar IE problem

    Tomislav Jakopec Novice

      I have a strangers problem. In Firefox application is looking OK but in IE 7 doesn't show panelBarItem. All source is generated. Only difference is when I look at the source. In Firefox source view I can even see 3756 character in same line. In IE source view in one line I can see 1024 character and then is break in new line. Problem is that break is looking like this

      rma:modalPanelPorukeResizerNEU"...style="height: 40px; width: 4px;z-ind
      ex: 13;"....

      Any one have this problem? What is solution?

      Example can be see here:
      operator: java
      password: java

      after login you can see the difference on start page

      try with Firefox and IE