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    Problem with Jbos 4.0RC2 + Eclipse 3.1M2 + MyEclipse 3.8.2

    Anders Jacobsen Newbie

      Hi. Im trying to use JBOSS AOP in a JSP application. I have followed the chapter 8 in ref guide to setup JBOss 4 using AOP. I have downloaded the JBOss IDE + AOP extension for Eclipse. Everything seems to work perfect. I can add Inspectors to my methods. (The mappings are mapped to the Jboss-aop.xml and the my Aspects are compiled without no problems (class path and so on are found)

      BUT. When i deploy my project nothing is hapening. My advises are never invoked. In the Jboss 4. web-console under AOP i can see no bindings registerd. Should I see it there?

      I deploy with MyEclipse. (It create a WAR file and deploy it) and it have worked well so far. How do I see if the AOP binding or whatever is set correct up?

      I have copied the jboss-aop-jdk50.deployer folder to the server/default/deploy folder...the jboss-aop.xml file seems correct and no erros seems to come in server startup (and no indication of AOP either)

      THANKS in reagards for you help---if any