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    TPC-W Benchmark As Showcase for Method-Caching


      Dear Reader,

      recently, I have posted a message that informs about "DMCache" - a
      dynamic method-based caching API that can help to improve the
      effeciency of layered systems such as EJB applications. See forum
      for details.

      In order to validate and to demonstrate the suggested approach, I
      have integrated DMCache with a Java implementation of the famous
      TPC-W benchmark (see http://www.tpc.org/tpcw/default.asp
      for TPC-W and http://mitglied.lycos.de/jankiefer/tpcw/index.html
      for its Java implementation).

      The project that integrates DMCache and TPC-W is called "My-TPC-W"
      and can be downloaded at http://www.ipd.uka.de/~pfeifer/mytpcw.zip.


      Daniel Pfeifer