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    Annotation problem on AOP1.1

    Andrew Rosenberg Newbie

      This worked on AOP1.0

      I have methods that are annotated like this:

      @APerfAspect (perfName = "perfTest")
      private void perfTest(){

      My jboss-aop.xml has this:

      <aspect class="com.memeticsystems.util.perf.PerfAspect"/>
          <bind pointcut="execution(* *->@com.memeticsystems.util.perf.APerfAspect(..))">
        <advice name="trace"

      My aspect looks like this:

      @Aspect (scope = Scope.PER_VM)
      public class PerfAspect{
      public Object trace(MethodInvocation invocation) throws Throwable{
      final Method method = invocation.getMethod();
      final APerfAspect annotation = (APerfAspect)invocation.resolveAnnotation(APerfAspect.class);

      And my annotation interface looks like this:

      public @interface APerfAspect{
      String packageName() default PerfUtil.ROOT_PACKAGE_NAME;

      String perfName() default "";

      String perfCategory() default "";

      When I call resolveAnnotation, it always returns null.
      When I step thru it , all of the AnnotationRepository's maps are empty.
      Any ideas what could be happening?