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    JBossAOP and Eclipse doesn't work

    Alex Lohfink Newbie

      I am trying to evaluate JbossAOP using eclipse, and it does not seem to work - it gives a 'cannot find main class' jvm error when tryting to run the first tutorial. It gives this error with just the main 'HelloAOP' class present, with no interceptor! I'm using Eclipse 3.02, JDK1.5 update 3, and the latest JBoss AOP.

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          Robert Stryker Newbie

          I'm sorry for the long delay. If this isn't the solution for your problem, feel free to let me know.

          You might want to try right-clicking on your new AOP project, selecting "run as", and creating a new AOP Configuration.

          One of the options in the AOP runtime configuration is to designate the Main Class. I suspect that right now, that field is not filled in.