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    Dynamic AOP Tracing/Logging

    uday dustin Newbie

      I am new to AOP, can anybody help me in understanding the following.

      If I want to run tracing with Dynamic AOP for all of my classes and method will it be a good idea or not?

      I run dynamic-aop example in JBossAOP1.3.4 it generated additional classes for each method and classes and fileds. I believe its ok if it si small project.
      ** Problem I believe, lets say if I have project containing around 1000 classes and 10000 methods and 5000 fileds, if I "prepare" all classes then
      doing a simple math 1000*2 + 10000*2 + 5000*2 = 32000(everything approximated) extra classes...what would be size of the deployment file and memory required to load. Is it worth instead of doing simple tracing.