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    JBMICROCONT-75 - Tidyup

    Adrian Brock Master

      A generic task that needs doing is to tidyup the prototype.

      This currently sits in aop-mc-int in a package called

      These need making into real classes and the ugliness removed or hidden.
      Packages for:
      1) The AOP/MC integration
      2) The AOP javabeans and schema that can be used to deploy aop metadata
      from the MC deployment.
      3) The MC advices that add behaviour, currently this is only the JMX decorator.

      I'm not very good at naming things. But we don't want prototype
      in the package name. :-)

      Obviously there is also some ugliness in the MC code as well
      that needs fixing.

      We need to identify all the TODOs/FIXMEs lying around and load them into JIRA