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    JBAOP-88 - Aspect Factory

    Adrian Brock Master

      The advice factory from the Microcontainer is sort of there in a "bodged" way.
      It seems slow and think part of what is doing is probably redundant
      and/or it is actually duplicating work.

      Some of the complication comes from it initially being written
      as a normal dependency, but it now also supports the "lazy" dependency.
      So again this needs tidying up.

      Additionally, I'd like the "use case" xml to be able to deploy
      all the aop metadata, not just advices.
      This is fairly low priority and doesn't need to be done for 2.0.0M1

      I'm not even sure that much of this metadata would even benefit
      from IOC configuration. The users would benefit from having a single
      file in which to describe everything together.
      i.e. introductions, pointcuts, advices, pojo services that the advices delegate to, etc.