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    AOP Tests

    Kabir Khan Master

      I've got most of the tests passing again with jdk 5 now, apart from the following two.

      1) org.jboss.test.aop.bridgemethodnotwoven.BridgeMethodTestCase(jdk50)

      This is due to a fix that was put into JavassistMethodHashing, which in turn broke the MethodHashingTestCase (which was disabled for a while, waiting for a release of MC). I've fixed JavassistMethodHashing so that MethodHashingTestCase, which is the acid test runs again. BridgeMethodTestCase needs to be looked at again though.

      The other failing test on jdk 5 is
      2)org.jboss.test.aop.regression.jbaop248annotationoverride.AnnotationOverrideTestCase(javaagent-genadvisor-tests), which passes in all the other modes it is run.

      Most of the failures were fixed using privileged blocks, it seems that later updates of JDK 5 are more strict when it comes to security?!

      We need to look at the JDK 1.4 tests as well, for them to pass we need a retroed version of the mc/container project, and iirc there were some problems with that due to some new features in the codebase not supported in jboss retro :-(